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BNE Testimonials PRO is a WordPress testimonial plugin that adds a new custom post type to your website that displays and store your testimonial data. You can also export the information from one install to another anytime. The testimonial plugin uses featured images to display your reviewer’s photo or perhaps a company logo, default visual editor to craft your reviews however you like, and 2 additional custom fields that provide a tagline, such as their company name, and a website URL. The slideshow version uses the amazing flexslider system from WooThemes.

Display your Testimonials in 3 different ways

List - The list view will display your testimonials in 1 column like an archive blog page.

Slider – Using the powerful Flexslider.js, you can display your testimonials either fading or sliding between each one. Control the display, navigation, pagination all from the available shortcode options.

Masonry Grid - New view added just for our PRO version. Display your testimonials in either 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns using a Masonry / Pinterest style format. Columns will automatically resize down based on the users screen size.

Have Users Submit Testimonials

BNE Testimonials PRO also comes packed with a front-end submission form that allows viewers to send in their own review for your approval. The form includes (name, message, photo, category, tagline and website fields. When the form is filled out, the site admin will be notified via email (or any email if set via the shortcode). In addition, a notifier will display on the backend on the admin menu showing that you have pending testimonials ready for your approval.


Live Website Examples

Check out the following websites that utilize our Testimonial Plugin!


BNE Testimonials Pro is developer friendly! There are 20 available filters that will allow you to transform the testimonial display how ever you like. Add your own classes, change the default text strings to different verbiage/labels, or simply re-arrange the testimonial by moving the featured image, message, tagline, and website URL’s in a different arrangement. All possible with our available filters. BNE Testimonials also comes with very few default css styles, allowing you to take full advantage of your theme’s default styles or to apply custom CSS.


  • Light weight plugin
  • Shortcode powered with many parameter/attribute settings.
  • Display your testimonials with a shortcode on any page/post as a list or as a slider (flexslider.js).
  • Display your testimonials in your sidebar with the provided list or slider widgets.
  • Featured image support.
  • Group your testimonials into categories using a custom taxonomy.
  • Custom Field support for a tagline and website URL.
  • Included documentation Help page.
  • Lightly styled to fit any theme with room for customizations.

Extra – Only in the Pro Version!

  • New 3rd view, Masonry Grid
  • Front-end testimonial submission with admin email notification.
  • Pagination for List and Masonry Grid views.
  • Automatic Updates to new versions.
  • Numerous filters available for developers.
  • Standard License - Use on an unlimited number of websites and projects.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the help documentation?

After uploading and activating BNE Testimonials, you will find a new admin menu called “Testimonials”, within that there will be a Help page.

How do I upgrade from the “Free” version to the “Pro”?

If you’re coming from using the free version then all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. First, de-activate the free version. You can leave it installed on your site, but it needs to be de-activated before you activate the pro version. These are two separate plugins but both use the same function names. So if you try to activate both at the same time, you’ll receive a PHP error. Don’t worry, all of your existing testimonials will still be available.
  2. Upload the zip file using the default WP plugin installer on your website or manually upload the unzipped folder to your plugins directory on your server using an FTP application. Your email receipt should include a download link or you can re-download it from your account at anytime.
  3. Once installed, activate BNE Testimonials Pro. Check out the help page within the plugin for additional resources and review the online demo for developers to hack away at the plugin.

What are the Basic WordPress Requirements?

You must be running WordPress 3.7+

What size are the testimonial featured images?

By default, the crop size used is “thumbnail” which is defined on your site from Settings > Media. Usually this will be 150×150 but may be different depending on your website or theme. On the font side, the image will be reduced using CSS to 100×100 to better fit the testimonial format.

The Testimonial Image is stretched all the way across.

If your theme or another plugin is also adding styles to flexslider, it might be overriding ours. Try adding the following to your theme’s custom css area or style.css file.

.bne-testimonial-featured-image {
    width: 100px !important;
    height: 100px !important;


= 1.7.5 Pro! (December 13, 2014) =

  • Replaced auto-update script form AutoHosted to WP-Updates.

= 1.7.4 Pro! (August 27, 2014)

  • Fix: An issue would arise on the testimonial post list admin screen. If an image was placed in the editor, the table columns would shift.
  • Fix: An issue for some people where the submission form, if submitted, would result in a 404.
  • Add: Sanitize the data output of the website url and tagline fields.
  • Compatibility Check: Works great in WP 4.0

= 1.7.3 Pro! (June 11, 2014) =

  • New: Added Pagination to List and Masonry Shortcodes. Pagination will only show if limiting the number of testimonials per page, example using post=”6″, and adding pagination=”true” within the shortcode.
  • New: added filter, “bne_testimonials_cpt_args” for developers to edit the custom post type arguments.
  • Enhanced: minified main css file.

= 1.7.2 Pro! (May 25, 2014) =

  • Adjusted for themes that limits post thumbnails (Featured Image) to only their post types. Should correct anyone who’s featured image box is un-responsive or not showing.
  • Replaced default admin messages when published/editing a testimonial.

= 1.7.1 Pro! (May 14, 2014) =

  • Removed tag limitations on get_the_content. All html tags and styles will now output normally from the visual/text editor.
  • Added localized text strings and corresponding filter to customize the submission form labels, and testimonial edit admin screen.

= 1.7 Pro! (April 12, 2014) =

  • v1.7+ is now the “PRO” version of BNE Testimonials. v1.6.1 will remain active and free and only receive minor updates.
  • New: Masonry Grid Shortcode. Use

    Stan Dahl

    I met Kerry after I starting using his Wordpress plugin BNE Testimonials. I contacted him to ask if it was possible to make a few tweaks. He got back to me within 24 hours (very rare with WP developers) and quickly made some awesome code changes on my website. He was super fast and professional. I highly recommend him and his WP plugins.


    Kerry is the best. His attention to detail and customer service are second to none. He has designed two websites for me so far and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!

    Pastor Sam Grebert

    Having Kerry provide his web services has been a great benefit for us as a Church. It has and continues to make our lives easier when it comes to anything to do with our Church website or even general technical questions. Kerry has made the complicated appear simple in his relaxed and professional manner. Nothing has been too hard or too much of an inconvenience. We are more than happy to refer and encourage anyone to contact Kerry for assistance.

    Mert Kiymaz

    Kerry is a genius. His knowledge is far superior than any web developer I know. We have worked on several projects together. He is a big part of my company's success. I would recommend him to everyone. Always innovative, always out of the box, he develops tools and designs to help your business succeed. He is simply THE BEST.

    Hercules Real

    Working with Kerry is like working with a friend who knows what he's doing, is always on budget and on time. His professionalism is leaps and bounds superior to many web designers I've had to deal with in the past. If you're a business owner looking to have more than just an online presence without the exuberant cost big companies have to spend, give Kerry a try. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

    Rev. Lee Steele

    Thank you SO much Kerry for ALL that you have done and for the patience you have shown during the process. I appreciate ALL of your help so much. Your gifts and talents are amazing!

    Victor Rosales

    I cannot express the help that Kerry has provided my office, Arrow Smile Dental. My previous design was severely outdated and unusable. Thanks to him, I now have a working online presence and have received many new patients from it. Thanks!

    Brian Becker

    New American Theater

    We had a great experience working with Kerry. You won't find better support, or a more capable designer. He went out of his way to help with several tight deadlines and we ended up with an amazing website. I can't tell you how many people have commented on what a great site we have. I would highly recommend him!

    Jason DeShazo

    I am extremely pleased with the very personal service I received from Bluenotes Entertainment. My website looks very professional and I have already received several compliments on it. I highly recommend BNE to anyone who needs a website designed or redesigned.

    Includes all settings as the List shortcode with the additional option of “columns” for either 2,3, or 4.
  • New: Form Submission shortcode. Use

    on a post/page.
  • New: Notification Bubble on Admin menu showing number of pending testimonials.
  • New: Email Notification to admin or other specified email address from shortcode.
  • New: Filters for

  • Changed: Filter name bne_testimonial_single_structure is now bne_testimonials_single_structure.
  • Updated help page.